Henry Hull
Team Leader

Henry leads the LAMP team.  He is also the Dean of Down Cathedral.  Henry generally leads services in Saul and Down Cathedral.  He is married to Gerry and they have four children.


Adrian Dorrian
Director of Youth and Children's Ministry

Adrian heads up Youth and Children's Ministry across the LAMP Churches.  He generally leads services in Seaforde, Ballee and Killough.

Revd-Scott-McDonald (1).jpg

Scott McDonald
Director of Evangelism

As a Church Army Officer, Scott has the right experience to head up evangelism and outreach in LAMP.  Scott generally leads services in Hollymount and Down Parish.


Julie Bell

Part Time Stipendiary Minister

Julie's background is in music.  She is an accomplished Violinist and Organist.  Prior to ordination she served as Director of Music in Several Parishes.

Julie works in LAMP in a part time capacity, and her work will have a project driven focus, looking at discipleship and worship across the Parishes.  Julie's Parish focus is at Saul.


John Scott

John has been involved in Parish Ministry in many parishes across County Down and Country Fermanagh.  He is a talented musician and artist.  John helps out across LAMP.

graham savidge.jpg

Graham Savidge

Graham is a Marine Biologist, and he was based for many years at the Queen's University Station in Portaferry.  He has led research expeditions around the world.  Graham was ordained in 1994 and he has served in the Lecale Area ever since.  He generally leads services in Ardglass and Dunsford.  Graham is married to Lynne and they have a daughter and a son.

michael houston.jpg

Michael Houston

Married to June, Michael spent 40 years in industry and the charitable sector.  He served in Parishes in Bangor, Donaghadee, Portaferry and Cyprus before 'retiring' to Strangford.  He generally leads services in Ballyculter and Kilclief.